Labor and legal compliance




Over the years, together with the change in the labor legal system, LexNovum Lawyers constantly research and update our knowledge to keep up with and anticipate legal adjustments in the labor field. Thus, we provide a comprehensive and objective labor consulting service with recommendations or solutions suitable for each type of client, including domestic and multinational enterprises as well as employees.




For labor consulting services, LexNovum Lawyers are not only seasoned with experience and expertise but also with a strong sense of lawyers’ companion mission and responsibility to the client. That mission is not only strictly followed by us in the present but also committed in the future.

With the motto of ensuring the best legal rights and interest of clients, LexNovum Lawyers provides labor and legal compliance consulting services.

Our service areas comprehend consulting on

  • Consulting on termination of employment contracts with employees, Reviewing employees’ benefits;
  • Reviewing and revising the employee handbook and the company’s internal labor regulations; 
  • Pre-dispute labor relationship managing (collective labor agreements, avoidance of strikes/workplace closures);
  • Disseminating labor law (introduction, update of labor law, analysis, case study, guidance);
  • Consulting on building internal control systems of company;
  • Consulting on dispute resolution on labor discipline in the form of dismissal or unilateral termination of the labor contract;
  • Consulting on resolutions for policies on labor, salary, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational safety and health, etc.
  • Consulting on building employee evaluation system, mobilization, rotation, appointment and discipline procedure, etc.
  • Consulting on organizing and performing archival work, document editing, and managing incoming and outgoing documents;
  • Consulting on drafting, promulgating, implementing internal regulations, policies and documents on internal management of company;
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for recruiting and employing foreign workers in Vietnam, applying for work permits on behalf of clients for foreigners working in Vietnam at the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

Our labor consulting team

LexNovum Lawyers’ labor consulting team has years of in-depth research on the labor field with many discourses at seminars on labor law which received loads of attention and supports from colleagues and clients. In labor consulting, we have received positive feedback from clients concerning experience, expertise, work manners, and attentiveness, dedication to clients.

Our labor consultation comprises the overview of applicable regulations in the labor legal system together with the consultancy with competent state agencies, legislators on related topics as well as our personnel to ensure the possibility and practicality of the consult.

Therefore, we are committed to providing our clients comprehensive, objective services as well as strong supports for employees and employers in all areas. Our team of lawyers shall always accompany clients and constantly make efforts in finding solutions to solve clients’ problems and needs in a timely and efficient manner.