Disputes on Commercial and Labor




The field of dispute resolution at LexNovum Lawyers includes commercial and labor disputes at Courts and Commercial Arbitration, with clients including corporate and individual clients.


Scope of commercial and labor dispute services at LexNovum Lawyers

  • Legal advice on the solution to the case and appoint an authorized representative and/or lawyer of the client during the dispute resolution process of the case.
  • Attend meetings of the parties in the pre-litigation stage and participate in conciliation and adjudication sessions according to Court and Arbitration procedures.
  • Propose the respective settlement processes for each case and draft legal documents related to the settlement of case disputes for the pre-litigation stage and throughout the litigation process in Courts and Arbitration.

Why should LexNovum Lawyers be the client’s preferred choice for dispute resolution?

 Regarding labor disputes

  • One of the fundamental areas of LexNovum Lawyers is consulting and dispute resolution on various issues in the labor field.
  • LexNovum Lawyers, with a team of Litigation Lawyers who have many years of experience in the field of consulting and participating in labor-related litigation, are well-versed in problem-solving skills and recommend actions to be taken before and during labor dispute resolution.

 About commercial disputes

  • Commercial activities, trade brings benefits to the parties involved, whether the benefit is more or less is always the aim of all parties when participating in the transaction. But the risks in a certain situation, whether objective or subjective, may cause the parties to fail to achieve the intended purpose, and disputes arise.
  • On that basis, LexNovum Lawyers always participates in resolving disputes in the direction of the root of the problem to help the parties return to the original trajectory the parties want to move towards and chart the path with the least damage so that the parties can find a final solution in peace, even at the stage of conciliation, negotiation or litigation at Court or Arbitration.

Common Disputes

▪️ Disputes on sales contracts;

▪️ Disputes over service contracts;

▪️ Disputes over distribution contracts;

▪️ Processing contract disputes;

▪️ Cargo insurance contract disputes.