About LexNovum Lawyers

About LexNovum Lawyers




LexNovum Lawyers was founded in 2011 by Lawyer Hugh Nguyen.

Our team consists of Partners and Counsels with deep knowledge of the law of Vietnam and extensive practical experience. Along with that is a group of Paralegals with Bachelor of Laws who are highly educated, and well-trained by the leading prestigious law schools in Vietnam. The combination of enthusiasm, the creativity of youth, and the experience of the experienced Lawyers is LexNovum Lawyers’ formula to create a team that can meet all legal requirements from Clients.

With over 10 years of establishment and development, LexNovum Lawyers is proud to have been and is accompanying and bringing value to multinational and domestic Clients through our legal services such as Thien Long Group Corporation, Sapharco, 7-Eleven Vietnam, CocaCola Vietnam, Nestlé Vietnam, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, etc.


LexNovum Lawyers was founded on the following principles


LexNovum Lawyers are committed to assisting our Clients in achieving their objectives by providing legal services of the highest quality with the best commercial implication and effectiveness. Our mission shall not accomplish until our Clients are satisfied with our service.

Professional Lawyer

Our strength is the team of professional Lawyers possessing both the knowledge gained from Vietnam’s leading law universities as well as the valued experience from their hard work at the highly recommended international law firms. This is the solid foundation that enables us to be able to professionally serve and deliver excellent legal services to our Clients and create an active working environment where the talent and ability of Lawyers can be nourished and bloomed.

Team strength

At LexNovum Lawyers, Clients are assisted by a team of expert Lawyers. We highly regard the power of teamwork as we know that our Clients’ best possible objectives can be achieved when each and every Lawyer, with their own expertise, experience, and strength, work hand in hand to pursue the best possible solution for Clients.


We are thrived to be the leaders in the legal industry and to be the forerunners in each field where we practice. It is our aim to be recognized as one of the leading professional service firms in Vietnam as well as abroad. Our Lawyers are flexible and creative, whom all have the desire and zeal to tackle new challenges and gain new experience. Therefore, we are always prepared to be ready to satisfy our Clients’ legal demands whenever and wherever they might have.




LexNovum Lawyers’ practice fields cover most of the legal cases, including litigation and commercial matters. With our diverse range of practices, LexNovum Lawyers is capable of providing effective and timely transactional and dispute resolution assistance to multinational and domestic Clients and business partners in the following areas:

– Retainer and Legal Compliance

– Labor and Legal Compliance

– Disputes on Commercial and Labor

– Medical Devices Import License

– Legal Advice on Promotion and Advertising

– Overseas Investment from Vietnam

– Investment in Vietnam

– Debt Collection