Retainer and Legal compliance




Retainer consulting is a field with a wide scope, complicated by the constantly changing regulatory and the diversity in business lines and corporate culture. Therefore, retainer consulting desires a thorough understanding of all areas such as internal management, business administration, labor and regulations governing the production and trading of goods, and provision of services of each enterprise.


Retainer and legal compliance


LexNovum Lawyers commits to provide retainer consulting services that are not only suitable for the specific characteristics of each industry, enterprise, and different working environment but also meet the legal needs as well as the financial budget of client. Our team of lawyers is always ready to accompany clients through two methods, including (1) non-regular consulting services and (2) retainer consulting services.

Our service areas

Our service areas comprehend consulting and supporting on:

Company internal management

  • Consulting, reviewing the charter and internal management regulations, operating regulations of company;
  • Developing management policies, codes of conduct and other regulations, policies, and procedures of company;
  • Consulting on issues relating to the authority, responsibility of the hierarchy of management and administration of company;
  • Consulting on meeting procedures, meeting regulations, assisting on drafting and reviewing documents relating to internal meeting of company;
  • Inspect and review the organizational structure and internal operations of company;
  • Updating legal changes and implementing plans for management;
  • Risk management.


  • Consulting, drafting, and reviewing agreements, written commitments between company and partners
  • Consulting and controlling legal risks relating to production and business activities
  • Consulting on issues relating to M&A transactions
  • Represent or assist company to work and discuss with state agencies
  • Representing company to negotiate contract-related matters
  • Consulting via telephone for executives and managers
  • Representing or assisting company in the process of negotiation and dispute resolve
  • Consulting on issues relating to applying sub-licenses
  • Consulting on business transformation, reorganization
  • Consulting on tax and company finance matters

Our retainer consulting team

Throughout over 10 years of operation, LexNovum Lawyers has built up a team of experienced, dynamic, and responsive retainer consultants who are sensitive to the changes in Vietnam’s regulation as well as the development in international relations. With the ability to adapt and keep up, LexNovum Lawyers is committed to providing clients with consults that shall ensure clients’ legal rights and interests along with commercial benefits.

In addition, we strongly encourage our clients to become retainer clients to receive preferential fees as well as the constant companionship of LexNovum Lawyers in the daily operations of company during the retainer term.

As shown in the List of Customers – Non-conflict, we are committed to ensuring the best interests of clients during the retainer term as well as not causing any damage or disadvantage to the client even after the agreement between client and LexNovum Lawyers has been terminated or liquidated. This commitment shall not only be set forth in our compliance commitment but also throughout the process we accompany clients in the process of providing services.