Investment in Vietnam




Foreign-invested enterprises (often called FDI enterprises) when investing in Vietnam can make direct investment or indirect investment. Foreign direct investment in Vietnam can be distinguished as a form of investment including the investment of long-term financial assets of foreign individuals or a foreign legal entity investing in Vietnam associated with the right to manage business activities of the legal entity invested with foreign capital. In contrast, foreign indirect investment simply includes investment in financial assets but does not participate in the business management process in Vietnam. Popular forms of foreign investment in Vietnam include:

  • Investment in establishing foreign-invested enterprises;
  • Foreign investors invest in Vietnam in the form of capital contribution, share purchase, capital contribution to enterprises already established in Vietnam.


Services that LexNovum Lawyers provides to clients

LexNovum Lawyers has many years of experience in providing foreign investment consulting services in Vietnam in a variety of ways in accordance with the needs of clients and in compliance with applicable laws.

  • Consulting on legal regulations and legal procedures related to enterprises, foreign investment procedures in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on legal regulations and procedures for establishing a business, applying for an Investment Registration Certificate, an Enterprise Registration Certificate.
  • Consulting on conditional business lines and specific conditions for each investment industry and investment location.
  • Drafting and submitting dossiers, working with competent state agencies, receiving the results of handing over completed legal documents to clients.
  • Consulting on post-establishment issues such as tax, labor, insurance, etc.