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For Vietnamese enterprises that have trade relations with foreign partners, LexNovum Lawyers is their appropriate choice because of our available extensive knowledge and professional skills to support Clients successfully and efficiently
For foreign enterprises who wish to expand business in Vietnam, LexNovum Lawyers is their reliable choice due to our comprehensive understanding on various legal matters in Vietnam in practice and our professional manner in providing legal services which satisfies the standards of prestigious international law firms.
LexNovum Lawyers are committed to assist our Clients in achieving their objectives by providing legal services of the highest quality with the best commercial implication and effectiveness. Our mission will not accomplish until our Clients are satisfied with our professional services.
Professional Lawyer
Our strength is the team of professional lawyers possessing both the knowledge gained from the Vietnam’s leading law universities as well as the valued experience from their hard work at the highly-recommended international law firms. This is the solid foundation enable us to be able to professionally serve and deliver excellent legal services to our Clients and create an active working environment where talent and ability of lawyers can be nourished and bloomed.
Team Strength
At LexNovum Lawyers, Clients are assisted by a team of expert lawyers. We highly regard the power of teamwork as we know that our Clients’ best possible objectives can be achieved when each and every lawyer, with their own expertise, experience and strength, work hand in hand to pursue the best possible solution for Clients.
We are thrived to be the leaders in the legal industry and to be the forerunners in each field where we practise. It is our aim to be recognized as one of the leading professional service law firms in Vietnam as well as abroad. Our lawyers are flexible and creative, who all have the desire and zeal to tackle new challenges and gain new experience. Therefore, we are always prepared to be ready to satisfy our Clients’ legal demands whenever and wherever they might have.

what we do

LexNovum Lawyers’ practice fields cover most of legal cases, including litigation and commercial matters. Clients usually ask for our legal advice services to assist in drafting assorted types of commercial agreements (memorandum of understanding, joint venture agreements, sale and purchase agreements, subscription agreements, loan facility, etc.), representing in domestic and international litigation and arbitration, criminal defense, family disputes, especially to assist enterprises in importing medical equipment, and resolving labor disputes.

Vietnam now has deep and broad international integration into global economy. Before this realistic, Vietnamese enterprises and foreign enterprises operating in Vietnam are requested to comply with business governance strictly. LexNovum Lawyers’ lawyers with many years of studying and understanding on legal compliance. We can support our Clients ranging from the listed companies on the Stock Exchange to 100% private ownership companies on corporate governance under the law.

LexNovum Lawyers’ lawyers have strengths in reviewing, studying, drafting and translating commercial contracts in both English and Vietnamese when working with partners for Vietnamese enterprises. Our every thought is from and for the long-term interests of their each case.

Managing and using labors in Vietnam is always a conundrum for enterprises. In terms of socialist-oriented labor law having too many constraints imposed on employers, LexNovum Lawyers support our clients to distinguish and understand these provisions’ nature. Therefore, our clients can comply with the applicable laws effectively at the most economical employees’ management costs.

LexNovum Lawyer’ lawyers are also very successful in supporting enterprises on negotiation of terminating inefficient individual labor relations in accordance with the applicable laws at the lowest cost. On the other side, we also have many achievements in supporting and protecting employees in dismissal cases, unilaterally illegal labor relation termination. And this is one of the reasons why LexNovum Lawyers is well-known recently.

With a professional and transparent working manner, LexNovum Lawyers is always the best choice trusted by clients for works relating to preparing application files for various types of licenses/permits in many fields.

In particular, we are able to support our clients in the following administrative procedures:

  1. Foreign investment licenses in Vietnam.
  2. License for establishment of representative offices of foreign traders in Vietnam.
  3. Work permits for foreign workers.
  4. License for import of medical equipment; Import licenses issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

With impressive litigation skills, LexNovum Lawyers’ lawyers are highly-recommended for their ability to participate in negotiations for dispute resolution. In most of commercial disputes in which we participate, the lawyer in charge will analyze all gains and losses, measure all risks in terms of time and effort spent for the dispute, whereby our Clients and the other side in dispute may find a common ground and settle cases at the mediation level.

With respect to cases that require the judicial involvement of a third party, such as the court or arbitrator, LexNovum Lawyers’ lawyers always show their unsurpassed level and professionalism to protect clients’ legitimate rights and interests in litigation proceedings. We have advantages in commercial disputes involving foreign factors, cases relating to banking, marine, insurance and construction.

Our clients

Hereby is a list of Clients who have been using our Company's legal services. Because of the principles of professional ethics as well of the protection of Clients' best interests, we shall not carry out any work having negative impacts on our Clients.
Please click here to see a list of enterprises that LexNovum Lawyers declares non-conflict.
Please ensure that this list has been studied before you have any intention to use our legal services!
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LexNovum Lawyers is a very unique law firm founded by a union of old friends and colleagues who have been working together side by side years after years. As such, we have created a warm and friendly but professional working environment. LexNovum Lawyers’ motto is “Serving Your Legal Demands Always”, and our able lawyers do provide our clients with highest quality legal services by our thorough understanding of their cases, issues and objectives and above all, we shall not rest until we find the most effective solutions for them.
If you are talented, enthusiastic, motivated and wish to be part of our successful team, you are always welcome aboard. Please contact us at hieu.nguyen@lexnovum.com.vn or at our offices.
Lawyers LexNovum also be happy to receive any questions stakeholders to the interesting legal issues that interest you. Write to us or leave message here to contact us as soon as possible!